Aircraft Painting AND INTERIORS

Over 30 years of aircraft painting AND INTERIORS

Our professional painting and interior services produce the highest quality results.

We specialize in high quality aircraft restorations and restore your aircraft to a better than new finish. Our painting and interiors experts produce award winning results consistently.

With over 30 years of experience, we know what it takes to produce beautiful results time and time again. It is not just about applying the paint, but it is more than that. It is working with the angles of the aircraft to enhance its finish, while carefully applying layers to the aircraft to give it a deep mirror-like shine.  

Our expert staff also provides complete interior refinishing as well, including seats, upholstery, and more.

Our multi-step process to produce amazing results

  • Upon arrival, inspection is completed on the aircraft. We will go over the aircraft with you and outline any areas of concern. During this time, our experienced staff will look at the overall condition of the aircraft and we will work together with you to discuss options to produce the best results.

  • We will sit down with you and go over your specific aircraft paint scheme and color options. Often, photos of the proposed scheme are enough for our professionals to transfer the scheme to your aircraft. We also work with some of the best designers in the industry, should you require a complete set of blueprints for your scheme design.

  • All details of the scheme will be finalized and the process will begin.

Specific Steps Depending Upon Aircraft Type

Our process varies based on aluminum, or composite aircraft

  • For Aluminum Aircraft, the airplane is prepped for chemical striping. We use the safest stripers in the industry for your aircraft’s skin, the environment, and our employees. All inspection panels, flight controls, and fiberglass components are removed. The windows are carefully prepared to ensure no chemicals come in contact with them. Stripper is applied and the paint is removed.

  • After the aircraft’s paint is completely removed, we will conduct a secondary inspection of the aircraft. We will look for hail damage or other issues with the aircraft. The aircraft is then cleaned with an alkaline soap, which neutralizes the PH of the aluminum to prepare it for conversion coating. We then apply an acid etch on the aluminum surfaces of the aircraft. Finally, a chromate alodine coating is placed on the aircraft in preparation for the primer. A zinc chromate primer is applied to aluminum aircraft to protect the aircraft from corrosion.

  • For composite aircraft, the existing aircraft paint is cleaned and abraded. After abrasion and inspection, the aircraft is then coated with a high build primer. This allows proper adhesion of the new paint. The high build primer hides the composite’s imperfections and builds an ultra smooth surface to apply the final finish.

The process from here is much the same for both aircraft types

  • Bodywork on the aircraft is completed; each aircraft includes 8 hours of bodywork.

  • Our shop uses the finest aircraft paint lines in the industry, including PPG and Sherwin Williams Jet Glo. The specific coating used is dependent upon the aircraft’s specifications.

  • The base color is applied to the aircraft through multiple applications to ensure we achieve the wet, glossy finish everyone is after. 

  • Next, the paint scheme itself is applied to the aircraft. Hours of detail go into this process. We take great pride in working with all the angles and curves of the aircraft to ensure the best overall result. Once this process is completed, the trim colors are applied. The plane remains in the paint booth to ensure proper curing times. Once curing has completed, the aircraft is unmasked. Every time we unmask an aircraft, it is like unwrapping our best present at Christmas.

  • After the aircraft is unmasked, reassembly starts to take place. All inspection panels are reinstalled with new stainless steel screws and nylon washers to ensure durability. All flight controls are checked for balance, and all components are reassembled. All required placards are put back on the aircraft. Any decals are placed on the aircraft and windows are sealed. The aircraft is then detailed and all of the finishing touches are applied.

  • Delivery and inspection is next. Our A&P or I/A examines the aircraft one last time to ensure proper reassembly of the aircraft. A logbook entry is generated outlining everything that was completed during the process.

  • Delivery to our client is the most rewarding time in the process. Over the years, we have seen our finishes leave some speechless and others have cried tears of joy. During the delivery process, we will conduct and on-ground functionality test with our mechanics to ensure safe operation of the aircraft. A touch-up kit with paint and detailing instruction is provided upon completion.

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