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Your Financial Specialist: Megan Strader

I have always had a mentor to help me pursue my dreams. I was taught to have values in life and I got to where I am today due to my support system. My goal is to give back to others and my community. In my free time I love to travel, try new activities and mentor young adults. I enjoy the outdoors, hiking and exploring new areas.

I will work with you in conjunction to the loan offices to collect all required information. My goal is simple: to get you approved for the aircraft purchase of your dreams. As your Financial Specialist, I will devote myself to ensure an efficient, effortless and fun process.


We work closely with our clients throughout the buying or selling process. We provide a high level of customer service and rapid response. Our years of experience will ensure you that you will get the best service. Our goal is to support our customers by offering the most competitive rates, professional service, and a guarantee to everlasting relationship.

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