Team Steel

Whatever it takes.  That is the Team Steel attitude.  Not everyone makes it here.  We want ROCKSTARS the best in the business.  Our employees are capable, competent, and caring.  Below you will find our "hired guns".


Jaime Steel-Potter



If you are looking to sell your aircraft, look to Jaime Steel. Jaime’s knowledge of the market, coupled with her in-depth knowledge of avionics and keen business sense, provide her with the ability to price your plane appropriately, so that it sells quickly and at a price where both parties are satisfied.

Jaime is the top reseller in the world for used Cirrus aircraft. To date, she has closed over 2700 used Cirrus. NO ONE has more experience in the preowned Cirrus market. Jaime knows and understands the market for most manufacturers, but absolutely loves the Cirrus product. She owns her own Cirrus, and has created quite a niche for herself with Cirrus Aircraft.

Jaime enjoys the outdoors, animals, restoring homes, fishing, cars, and spending time in and on the water. She and her husband, Danny, have two little girls - Tenley Danielle and Miley Chevelle. They enjoy the freedom that flying provides to them and often travel. They live on a farm complete with chickens! During her off time, you can find her coaching softball or soccer with her girls, or helping young business owners grow their businesses. In 2012, she and Danny bought an airport and stopped a lawsuit to close it - saving it for future generations to enjoy.

Danny Potter

Vice President


Danny joined Steel Aviation in late 2005. Coming from the construction industry, Danny has a unique perspective on customer service. Danny is also an active Pilot. He has completed his private, instrument, multi, and commercial ratings.

He also earned his A&P license and has served as Steel Aviation's Director of Maintenance. In 2020, Danny has moved to direct our refurbishment center and our avionics department. He is an avionics nerd and happy to help with your new panel design or questions you have about the latest greatest technology.

Danny enjoys wrestling, mixed martial arts, ATV racing, and working on his muscle car collection. Danny married Jaime in 2005 in the Caribbean. The couple has two little girls - Tenley and Miley. They often spend summers at the lake, jet skiing with their parents. Danny was able to purchase and save a local airport from closing; he considers this one of his most significant accomplishments.

Jack Seymour

Design & Media Specialist


Jack joined the Steel Aviation team in 2017. He is an aviation enthusiast, who loves to fly! He has an eye for perfection and a variety of computer skills. Coming from a background in graphic design, Jack takes care of almost all the visual aspects within the company. This includes media for aircraft sales, advertisements, website appearance, social media accounts, custom aircraft panel overlays, and all the gorgeous-looking paint schemes!

Jack grew up in the United Kingdom, and moved to the United States in 2011. Between 2011 and 2015, he lived in Florida, where he received his Degree in Business Management. During his time at college, he spent many hours learning design and editing programs, while gaining work experience at design-related institutions.

Jack is an instrument-rated, commercial pilot, who currently resides on the east side of Indiana with his wife, Chanlar, their son, Jett, and their forever puppy, Maggie-Sue!


Megan Strader

Financial Specialist


Megan will work with you in conjunction to the loan offices to collect all required information. Her goal is simple: To get you approved for the aircraft purchase of your dreams! As your Financial Specialist, Megan will devote herself to ensure an efficient, effortless and fun process. Allow Megan to be your copilot throughout the financial process!

Megan grew up in Englewood, Ohio. She has always had a mentor to pursue her dreams, and has always had her family there for support. Megan was always taught to have values in life, and she got to where she is today due to the support system and having a leader.

In 2012, Megan moved to Troy, Ohio, where she found herself a home. She loves to travel, try new things, and taking her Frenchie, Ella, out for walks! Megan loves to stay active and to be doing something at all times. She also enjoys being outside on sunny days.


Justin Anderson

Sales Associate / Ferry Pilot


Justin brings nearly 20 years and over 8000 flying hours of aviation experience to Steel Aviation. Justin is an Airbus A220 pilot for Delta Air Lines and served as the Program Manager and Check Airman on the Citation Excel Fleet for Delta Private Jets for 6 years before that.  His roots are in flight instruction and he continues to be an active CSIP with over 4500 hours of dual given and over 2500 hours in Cirrus aircraft. He has served as a ferry and instructor pilot for Steel Aviation for over a decade and brings a strong safety culture and highly technical background into his work for us. Justin prides himself on producing value for his clients well beyond the A to B with comprehensive ferry reports and effective and efficient transition instruction.

Mark Wages

Sales Associate


Mark is a former Cirrus Factory Instructor and is a current Platinum Cirrus Standardized Instructor, CFI, CFII, commercial, and multi-rated pilot with over 5000 flight hours. For the last 9 years, Mark has specialized in providing Cirrus training and aircraft acquisition on three continents and 9 countries.

Mark started flying in 2000 at the University of North Dakota and continues to be heavily involved in the aviation industry since graduating. He also brings years of Real Estate negotiating to the table. The unique combination of aviation knowledge and extensive sales experience will ensure you have a high quality, low stress aircraft transaction.

Kevin Sq

Kevin Pierron

Director of Maintenance


Kevin has a 29-year background in aviation maintenance. He is an A&P Mechanic with Inspection Authorization. He has worked on everything from a Cessna 150 to a Falcon 2000EX. He prides himself on being very thorough to maintain the highest level of aircraft safety. Kevin has prior experience with Part 121 air carrier, 135 on demand charter, Part 145 repair station, and Part 91 aircraft maintenance.

Kevin has resided in the same home town all his life, Versailles, Ohio. He likes to spend his spare time out on a boat in the summer, and on his snowmobile in the winter. He enjoys watching Nascar races and Ohio State University Football games. Kevin is engaged to be married to his longtime girlfriend.

Ken Curell

Flight Instructor


Ken brings a wealth of aviation experience, the breadth and depth of which few pilots acquire. His 20,000 hours of flying time is spread across more than four decades of flying as an airline pilot for a major carrier, a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot, a corporate pilot and a general aviation pilot and an aircraft owner. He is a CFII who has type ratings in B-737, B-757, B767, A-310, A-300 and Super 80 aircraft and amassed 2,000 hours in F-4/C/D/E, F-16C/D, T-37 and T-38 military aircraft and flown thousands of hours in GA aircraft. Ken can provide you the broadest of perspectives about the world of flying, how to do it and what to do with it. Whether you’re just wanting to get started flying, wanting to return to flying, wanting to prepare for a professional business/commercial aviation career or be a military pilot, Ken is able to tailor your training for your desired outcome because he’s done it all.

Ken got his private pilot license when he was 17 and has been flying at various levels since.  He subsequently enlisted into the U.S. Air Force, completed his college degree while on active duty, flew in Air Force Aero Clubs and finally was selected to Air Force pilot training with an eye and age waiver.  He flew for a major air carrier for 25 years and has traveled the world through his Air Force and airline careers.  He believes there are three major phases in one’s life and distills them down to the Learning Years, the Earning Years and the Returning Years.  He’s now enjoying his Returning Years.

As you might expect, his hobbies include aviation, travel and reading.  His 40-year marriage to his wife, Jene, brings him his greatest joy as well as watching his son, Grant, and his daughter, Grace, journey through their hard-earned professional careers as a computer science engineer and certified public accountant, respectively.