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Tony Wanderon

Overall I would say my experience dealing with Jaime and Steel Aviation was rated a 10. As a first time buyer Jaime was the perfect broker, providing me with all of the details and always seemed to be impartial and fair in the negation. I would recommend Jaime and Steel Aviation to anyone looking to purchase a plane.


Tony Wanderon June 21, 2016

Randy Stinger

You were very knowledgeable about the market and responsive to my needs. Appreciate all the help. I have already given your number to a couple of people. Keep up your high value of customer satisfaction!


Randy Stinger June 21, 2016

William Graettinger

Jaime was just great. Even though she represented the seller, she was a great resource for me. I would absolutely recommend Steel Aviation to my friends, family and fellow aviation enthusiasts. The staff were great making sure everything was done correctly.


William Graettinger June 21, 2016

Lenair Aviation

You are very knowledgeable, good negotiators, and great response through advertising to bring in clients. I would be sure to recommend you to other aviation enthusiasts.


Lenair Aviation June 21, 2016

Barry Lerman

Thanks for making it happen! I would absolutely recommend Steel Aviation to a friend, family or fellow aviation enthusiast.


Barry Lerman June 21, 2016

Steve Malin

Overall, good service. Derek was very good to work with. I would recommend Steel Aviation to others.

Steve Malin June 21, 2016

Steve Park

This was my first time selling an aircraft. At first, I was apprehensive about the process...but what a delightful experience it turned out to be!!! Everything was expertly handled from beginning to end. Thank you so much for your professionalism and attention to detail. I sincerely hope N771SLs new owner enjoys her as much as we did.

Steve Park June 21, 2016

Tom Parker

Thank you so much for the tow bar. It is very solid and it works great. I just want you to know how much your follow up and your sincere concern mean to me and to others. You have an unbelievable reputation in the industry and it is apparent why. You get it and you do it right. Thank you.

Tom Parker August 12, 2016

Mike Brown

Excellent customer service, great web site access, very professional, excellent experience all the way around. Great job!

Mike Brown August 12, 2016

Kevin Hornbeck

No Complaints. Will recommend Steel Aviation to friends, family, and fellow aviation enthusiasts.

Kevin Hornbeck August 12, 2016

J.C. Eason

Tim was very good to work with. Will recommend Steel Aviation to friends, family, and fellow aviation enthusiasts.

J.C. Eason August 12, 2016

Gerard Hall

You bet I would recommend Steel Aviation to friends, family, and fellow aviation enthusiasts. I could not have closed an overseas sale by myself. Also, thanks for the Sportys Gift.

Gerard Hall August 12, 2016

Wendell Brown

Yes I would recommend Steel Aviation to friends, family, and fellow aviation enthusiasts. There was excellent communication throughout the sale.

Wendell Brown August 12, 2016

Todd Winkler

Jaime your website is really good. That is a key differentiation for you. Lots of photos and detailed descriptions and rapid response to inquiry are the top three things in my opinion for A/C brokerage. Great Job!

Todd Winkler August 12, 2016

Van Gurley

You guys are the best. I have already recommended you to my friends, family, and fellow aviation enthusiasts. My experiences have all been great.

Van Gurley August 12, 2016

Aleksey Reyder

Excellent service! Thank you Jaime and Danny. I will no doubt recommend you to my family, friends, and fellow aviation enthusiasts. Be good and remain on top!

Aleksey Reyder August 12, 2016

Howard Blitz

Thanks again I am sure we will talk in the future and you can put me down as a second time happy customer. And I will definitely give you a call if I am looking to buy or sell used again.

Howard Blitz August 12, 2016

Rudy Poussot

Thanks for your voicemail and for all your professionalism and help in my first airplane purchase. Based on your reputation, I was expecting good things in working with you (even from across the table) and I was not disappointed! Thanks very much – I’ll talk to you again when I need an upgrade!

Rudy Poussot August 12, 2016

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